2022 Calendar Winners

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UpdatedThursday November 3, 2022 byFYFC.

On behalf of our wonderful FYFC program, we want to thank you for your support. 

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Oct 1st - Jaqueline Cotreau - sold by Dan Marinho

Oct 2nd - Susan Masionis - sold by Lucas Dominguez

Oct 3rd - Kaitlyn Whokowski - sold by Olivia Feldhouse

Oct 4th - Mark Tashian - sold by Matt Tashian

Oct 5th - Kathleen Raymond - sold by Michael Raymond

Oct 6th - Jan Locicero - sold by Brian Chagnon

Oct 7th - Evan Crocker - sold by Gianna DiPlatzi

Oct 8th - Diana Giraldo - sold by Aryanna Giraldo

Oct 9th - Chrisann Papera - sold by Daniel Phaneuf

Oct 10th - Jennifer Raymond - sold by Jake Raymond

Oct 11th - Leland Smith - sold by Jayden Williams

Oct 12th - Larry Mancini - sold by Jaxon Fertel

Oct 13th - Julia Doloson - sold by Giovanny Charriez

Oct 14th - Melissa Garcia - sold by Gadiel Rosa

Oct 15th - Traci Manning - sold by Des Kilgallen

Ocy 16th - Miriam Aviles - sold by Dylan Aviles

Oct 17th - Jeffrey Rousseau - sold by Jayden Williams

Oct 18th - Marci Evans - sold by Vivi Gentry

Oct 19th - Diana Giraldo - sold by Julianna Edwards

Oct 20th - Devine Johnson - sold by Kaylani Williams

Oct 21st - Elizabeth Sullivan - sold by Bailey Carrillo

Oct 22nd - Lucas Souza - sold by Lucas Souza

Oct 23rd - Kate Buck - sold by Sean Kingston

Oct 24th - Lesli Soriano - sold by Oscar Soriano

Ocy 25th - Jacquelyn Osman - sold by Lissarette Vazquez

Oct 26th - Dasha Uzvenko - sold by Daniel Vashkevich

Oct 27th - Benjamin Dihlmann - sold by Elianna Cunningham

Oct 28th - Christine Murthy - sold by Sophie Fresco

Oct 29th - Lana Simmons - sold by Tucker Simmons

Oct 30th - Alyssa Gunn - sold by Eli White 

Oct 31st - Ricardo LaFontant - sold by Jacob Perez